Monday, August 1, 2016

Day 1 is half way done

Well so far this morning hasn't gone fully to plan but so far so good. So I am currently breastfeeding so tim not trying to do anything too drastic that will hurt my milk supply, especially since we are only 2 months in, and our goal is 6 months to a year. This morning when we got up, I made sure the baby ate, then I pumped and had a slim fast protien Shake. Then me and the little ran errands including grocery shopping. Got home and fed the baby again and unloaded and put everything away, and I had l serving of pasta with chicken, mixed veggies and a little Alfredo sauce. It's not the healthy lunch I planned but I was very hungry and it was already cooked and in my fridge. But I did at least watch my portion size, which for me IS one of my biggest hurdles. I also had a Starbucks refresher energy drink. And I still am hungry so I will have a premier protien, protein shake which has 30 grams of Protein. Considering I am breastfeeding, I'm not doing too badly calorie wise for the day so far. So wish me luck as I try to be stronger the rest of Day #1.

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